Raffle Contest not valid where it is not legal.

Winner must be able to fulfill all Federal, State and Local legal requirements for handgun application. Winner must provide the address of an FFL holder local to him who will accept shipment of the prize.

Winner must pay any fee(s) charged by the FFL to legally transfer the prize to the winner.

If the FFL is unable to legally transfer the prize to the winner (due to a failed NICS check or due to other legal constraints) then the winner must pay return shipping on the prize and a second drawing will take place.

Drawing will be held on April 14, 2020 and the winners will be notified by mail, phone or email within 10 days.

Police Blue Nation, Inc. reserves the right to cancel at any time depending on the total number of raffle ticket sales obtained. If there is not enough in sales to cover OUR cost of the firearms, then participants will be refunded their ticket purchase amount or the raffle deadline will be extended.